Attempting to Better Myself

For weeks now I've had this idea to wear weights on my body all day long in an attempt to exercise without actually exercising. I was looking at different styles of wearable weights online and found a variety of items that would help me achieve this goal. This past weekend I dug out a pair of old ankle weights, five pounds each, and decided to try this theory out. If you're curious, I'm still wearing them now.

Sunday was the big test. I went out to the mall to see what kind of deals were being offered at the now bankrupt Circuit City. I've never liked that store. I'm a Best Buy man. There was a Circuit City store near where I used to live in St. Louis County that was very dark and uninviting. The sales associates were all pretty creepy too. They would follow you around or have their eye on you in the distance at all times. Their bright red shirts brought to mind the images of vampires covered in the blood of their latest commission. Best Buy folks will do that too, but with the bright lights it was easy to spot them, and they only followed you around if you looked like a person that could actually buy something of value. I do not fall into that category. I fall into the "Looks like that guys going to steal something" category, and that entails an entirely different style of stalking.

Enough of that, though. Back to the weights. The trip to the mall ended up being a trek around the entire complex and it's not a small building. I built up a sweat due to the poor choice in clothing and the workout that I was getting from trying to avoid working out. Luckily, my legs aren't sore, but I'm wondering if I'm getting any added benefit from this. Unless I go on long walks like I did the other day, the impact is unperceived. It's harder to go up stairs, but how often can one do that in a given day?

I'm tempted to search out heavier weights and see what wrist and hands weights will do to my everyday routines. I've also found a forty pound vest, with removable weights, that seems like it may provide the challenge I'm looking for. I do have a problem of overdoing it when I work out. Years ago I was enrolled in a strength training course at the community college I was going to and I would very often overexert myself. I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of my workout by exhausting myself. From what I've seen on Biggest Loser, that's common. That can't be too healthy though.

If anyone noticed, the idea for wearing weights all day is very similar to the Vonnegut short story "Harrison Bergeron," which I read as a small lad. I remember parts of it from time to time, but I didn't really notice the similarities in my idea and the story until my dad pointed it out. The similarities end at the weights though. I'm not a genius or exceptionally handsome.

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