If I Had an Interesting Life...

I came across this very simple webcomic yesterday. The concept was that the writer would add a panel to his strip every hour. It's pretty entertaining, even if there are a few panels that consist of little more than showering, doing dishes, or playing video games. It's not even drawn well. All the characters are stick figures. Somehow, I find myself reading strip after strip. Luckily, he only seems to stick to it for a month out of each year.

Seeing this strip makes me wish I had a more interesting daily routine. Without school, work, or a social life, my hourly strip would consist of a lot of TV watching and the recounting of a strange dream I may have remembered from the night before. In last night's dream, for instance, I was driving down a road and swerved to hit a kitten. I pulled over to save the kitten when I found dozens of kittens on the road and some had already been squished. Luckily, they were all beanie babies.

My subconscious worries me.

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