Oh What a Beautiful Day

Actually, there has been off and on rain all day, but I can't complain because I haven't had to go outside yet. This is a "reading day" before finals and I'm spending it trying to upload pictures and videos online. "Trying" is the crucial word in that sentence, because I have had no luck in uploading anything as of yet. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to blame the my cable provider. It's really a poor service. The television freezes often, and for some reason it's not all the televisions in the house, just the ones with cable boxes. So right there it's a good indication that their equipment is poorly designed. There are also numerous problems with just getting online when more than one person is surfing the web. If there is more than one, then it's slower than a one-legged midget trying to get up a downward escalator.

As I'm waiting for my uploads to fail, however, I came across this great little short on YouTube. Simply, it's a look at what Star Wars would have looked like if it were a silent film. Whoever made it did a fantastic job with it. It looks exactly like the production quality of a film from the silent era, except that it's completely intact and doesn't have those holes that pop in them from aging.

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