A Chemically Induced Out-of-Body Experience

Last night I pulled a muscle in my neck, or slept funny, and awoke with this horrible stabbing, twisting knife pain. I rubbed some IcyHot on it and took a few Tylenol to ease the pain so I could sleep. It didn't help, but I eventually dozed off due to sheer exhaustion and, somehow, finding just the right position so it didn't hurt as much. Through much of the day I've been trying my best to loosen the muscles and tissues in the area. I tried gently rotating my head at various times to see if all it needed was a good stretch. I continued the IcyHot/Tylenol combo, but the pain still persisted.

Then about an hour ago, I got fed up with it all and went to my dresser drawer. I have some muscle relaxers from the spring when I pulled my back. I ended up having my tonsils removed just a day or two after, so I ended up using the pain meds instead of the other pills. (I didn't even notice the back pain since my throat was aching so badly.) So, now I'm in a bit of a haze. Not so much that I can't think clearly, as evidenced by the ability to type. Although, I'm not sure how many typos may be present.

I was sitting here just a moment ago, before sitting down to type, and realized that I had no sense of feeling in my lower extremities. This is all purely in my head though. The second I thought this I moved my hand and the feeling returned. I still gazed at it waving in front of me though, as if it were some kind of phantom limb.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Don't do drugs."

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