Who to Bailout?

I've been watching the news since the $700 billion bailout passed in the House and a lot of the comments that viewers have been making state that they don't want the bailout. Instead, they want that money to go to taxpayers that have those failing mortgages. The mortgage companies made their money off of "us" and now they've been given more money without having to deal with their accountability in creating the situation.

Well, my question to all of them is, "Wouldn't giving the money to those who entered into mortgages that couldn't repay them create the same situation where they don't have to confront the consequences?" It's a double-edged sword. Granting this money to anyone is just a way to dodge the situation that they created for themselves. Is it fair that these huge corporations get to clear their books of these bad loans? No.

This was a rushed attempt to keep the economy from circling the drain. It's just another of many Bush actions that are knee-jerk responses to situations that require more thought. I think it's ridiculous that this bill only made it through due to the earmarks (why doesn't anyone refer to it as porkbarreling anymore?) that were attached in the Senate to appease Republicans. When will these strange compromises that cause more problems stop?

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