I'm Painting a Picture

I have an image in my head that I just can't get out. It keeps me from wanting to wake up in the morning. The past few mornings I've woken up late, and each time I was upset. Not because I was running behind, but because the image was just a dream. Let me paint it for you.

It's a small city. It's a tightly knit group of communities that share a common goal; happiness. I can walk the streets of the city and everyone smiles. They beam from ear to ear. So many have grins on their faces that, as I walk by, it looks like a stop motion film animating the grin as it moves from one side of a face to the other. Almost like it's trying to wave at me.

Not a single person passes another. They're all walking at the same pace. They have no rush. No urgent matters to attend to. The strangest thing is that everyone is walking. No one drives. Like me, they all want to take in the sights, sounds, smells of their surroundings and feel the ground beneath their feet. It makes the world seem all the more real.

There's a crispness in the air. It's sweet and brings vitality to your lungs with each breath. I like to breath deeply and it sends a tingle through my blood, down to my toes. The Sun bathes me in warmth and every hair on my body stands on end to get a glimpse. It makes me wonder if they secretly have a desire to be leaves so they could drink up the Sun's glow. All the plants that I pass, each petal and leaf are radiating fantastically vibrant colors. Not a single man-made color can encapsulate the beauty. The color may exist, but the life is missing.

The lack of cars keeps the noise level to a minimum. Laughter has taken its' place. All around, people of all ages are laughing for the same reason they smile. They do it because they can. It's the best reason, too. Laughter has such an amazing effect on the body. It creates the some of the strangest sounds that ever cross a person's lips, but they're also some of the most attractive.

I find myself on the top of a hill outside of the city looking down on it later in my dream. I just sit in the grass, running the blades of grass through my fingertips, looking at it all. There are no skyscrapers. No buildings covered in reflective glass. The architecture all, miraculously, fits into the surrounding natural landscape. Trees are the tallest structures. From amidst the trees, homes and businesses peak out, but the green leaves create the cityscape. Blending the line of nature with humanity. Both live as one, providing for one another, without harming the other.

This is painting I've created in my dream.

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KT said...

Thank you for sharing your dream. There is a lot of power in dreams. They keep us moving forward. and keep us smiling!
Love, Kathleen