Another Hurricane

I'm actually extremely surprised that people didn't freak out and create the mass-exodus traffic fiasco that occurred in Houston when hurricane Rita came in roaring like a kitten. There were a few stations that, I felt, wanted to sensationalize the danger, as they tend to with all news. Overall though, they kept telling people not to panic to avoid the same situation.

Driving around as I did some errands I saw many gas stations completely dry yesterday. Gas is an item that, when the whispers of a storm start circulating, news outlets remind the public ad nausea to fill up on. All of the traffic signs that line the highways flash signs that tell people to "Keep Your Tanks Full." I almost feel like it's a ploy that Big Oil tries to push. There hasn't been an evacuation notice for the majority of the Houston area, but I've seen some acquaintances online that posted messages saying they're leaving. If people were planning to leave, then I could see the reason for needing to fill up. Otherwise, I just see it as a chance to raise prices a few cents. During Rita prices were hiked dramatically at a few gas stations (even though that is illegal), and even semis transporting gas that were stuck in traffic with the rest of the population charged ten to twenty times the price at the time to those who were stranded on the highways with empty tanks.

If you're curious, I haven't decided if I'll post updates as I did with hurricane Rita. I may post some photos, but the hurricane is scheduled to hit at night so I'm not sure how well I'll be able to see things. I hope to get some nice swirling cloud shots, so hopefully you'll see some of those. Here's some links to those old Rita posts:
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