It's a Little Weird

The Pope visited the States this week and I heard a little snippit from one of his speeches. I found it a bit alarming. It had nothing to do with what he was saying, but instead how. That thick German accent was throwing me off.

I grew up Catholic, going to a Catholic school for a few years, but I also grew up watching a lot of action movies that had Nazis as the villain. So, here is the holiest man on Earth, the one who's supposed to converse with God and all that, but he talks like all the bad guys from the movies I loved as a kid. It's a strange situation for me. I'm not a Catholic anymore, but Pope John Paul was the only pope I knew. He was the one I identified as a Pope-like figure: old, hunched over, didn't talk much, but when he did it was with a charming Italian accent. I'm sure he would have had all the ladies swoon for him if it wasn't for the vow of celibacy thing.

During the same clip of the Pope doing his funny-talking thing, there were short interviews of those who were lining the streets to catch a glimpse of him in his motorcade. They were all saying how it was one of, if not THE, greatest moment of their lives. The only thing I kept thinking was, "DIDN'T YOU HEAR HIM TALK!?!"

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