The Agony and the... Agony

It's been a while since I've had the time to sit and write a post. This has been due to the lack of an Internet connection. During the times when I've been connected I've had to spend the time catching up on emails and paying bills and such. I've also been dealing with the devil's children quite a bit. You all know who they are. We pay them to provide a service that may, or may not, be provided depending on things that are, most often, out of your hands. No, I'm not talking about the cable company, shoe salesmen, car salesmen, or the government. I'm referring to the evil entities known as "health insurance" companies.

Since April I've been trying to regain coverage that I had been told was available to me. I did the same thing in January when I switched providers. And last April when they tried to deny me for the same reasons. Yet this time it took much longer for me to get through all of the bullshit. I have no idea why, I did all the same things I did a year ago.

Perhaps I just had the misfortune of dealing with a few of the many incredibly incompetent people that have jobs that are over their heads. I remember back in high school I had a representative from the local trade school come in and tell us that we weren't all going to be able to live up to our hopes and dreams. Why did all of these fools miss out on that day? Was I just fortunate enough to attend a high school where crushing dreams was encouraged? I know that in today's give-a-trophy-to-any-kid-for-the-most-insignificant-event-like-wiping-their-own-ass that having someone come in to your classroom and tell you that you aren't going to be a professional athlete/movie star/president/smart and you should just become a janitor. But there are a lot of morons out there that are older than me. How did they get by without having their hopes flushed down the toilet that they'll be unclogging in a few years?

It's the same thing with some of the people I encounter at school. Most of the peons can't write a proper paper or add correctly. How the hell did they get through grade school? They fail the same class over and over again and what do the advisers tell them? Try again. I understand that they have to help get people to come back to bring in some revenue for the school, but for Christ's sake! After a certain point you just have to be honest with them and say, "Look, you're dumb. This is way past your abilities and you need to take up a trade that a monkey could do with a blindfold, because that's how smart you are. You're dumber than a monkey that can see." It's harsh, but true. I've never really had a problem with the whole politically correct movement and treating people equally, but there comes a point where certain people just aren't as equal as they'd like to be and they need to realize it.

So, if you're a dumbass and you're doing something that you don't understand or it's just beyond you as to why you have the job that you do, you need to suck it up and find something that you can wrap your simple mind around. Stop sleeping with your boss, stop taking favors from your daddy, stop using your seniority as a reason for your position, and do the rest of society a favor by quitting or retiring. There are plenty of people out there that can do your job much better, but have to settle for less. If you don't, I will call you condescending names and ask to talk to your manager as I try to talk him into firing you.

Ah, that felt good.

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