U is for Usual Useless Update

Sitting at home again and so I thought I'd get some writing done. The past week was spent moving furniture in the most complicated way possible. No truck. Just 2 people at all times, with a total of 3 taking part and two of us just rotated a bit. Monday and Tuesday were spent moving boxes and smaller items. With only 2 cars available it was slow going. Nothing like the old family moves back in St. Louis. A caravan of various car types and a small truck when needed. And to drive the myriad of motor vehicles, an army of family members.

Nothing like that this go around. To top it all off, when we finally did get a pickup to use we were only able to use it for a few hours. Why is that you ask? Well after one trip with rather large items the tire that was put on the same day came completely off it's rim. We sat there for a bit trying to change the tire, but we got nowhere. Our one bit of unbelievable luck during that time was that a neighbor was a mechanic and knew what was wrong. The tire was not balanced when it was put on. I heard the air coming out just as we were pulling in to get another load. Luckily I didn't drive on the rim and destroy it. It took at least 30 minutes for the neighbor to get it off, even with his knowledge of the problem and how to fix it. Then as I get ready to move the car into the necessary position to get that next load, the battery died. I had put the hazard lights on to let oncoming traffic know that there was... Well, a hazard ahead in the form of a pickup truck. They must have been for an hour, easy. It was around 10 pm at that point, so the day was pretty well over.

That's about it for that tale. Pretty poor writing if you ask me, but I'm too lazy to change it. In response to a reader's question as to whether or not I'd gone to St. Louis to celebrate the Cardinals Championship, no I did not. I had looked at ticket prices to fly up there and they were far from the reaches of my budget. My brother made it up there though. He was there to show their respect for the team as they rode past in their convertibles.

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