The Hex is Over!

The St. Louis Cardinals have done it! They are the World Champions for 2006! The Hernandez Hex has been broken. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back to my post in October or November of 2004. I had a theory as to why my hometown team was unable to win a championship.

I watched every minute of this final game, something I was thinking I would not have been able to do because of my trip to New Orleans. Unfortunately I didn't make it out there, but I guess it had a hidden silver lining to allow me to see this game. I was just a little over a year old the last time they won a championship, I'd seen them come close numerous times, but the day has come. I'm not a big sports fan, but the moment I moved away from St. Louis I became a bigger fan. I took for granted the fact that I could go to a game and see the old Busch Stadium. I've driven by the new one, but have yet to see a game played. I think I'll try and take in a game next spring/summer.

I'm watching the post-game interviews right now. The shock of the win hasn't quite set in yet. My brother and I were looking at airline ticket prices to get up to St. Louis for the celebration parade. They were a bit too much for our thinly lined pockets, but I'll be celebrating with my friends down here in Houston. It would be great to be back home, but I've got a good group of people to party with here. A few of them are Cards fans, and I'm sure the rest will be happy and join us in our celebration.

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Chris said...

Did you end up getting to head to St. Louis?

It would be cool to partake in the celebration. That way, you can use that as a ruse to start looting and/or pillaging.

I personally prefer pillaging because it involves, "booty," according to Merriam-Webster.