Mom's Day, or I Think I May Have Gone Insane

Today I had planned on getting up early and help with the making of breakfast. That didn't happen though because I felt awful and thought it would be best to just rest up and not get anyone else sick if I was contagious. During my sleep I had some incredibly strange dreams.

The first that I can remember was all about dealing with the death of a cousin. He's not really dead, just to clear that up. I don't remember what the rest of the family was getting ready for, but every now and then they would all just stop and start crying. There was this one part where I had to go into his room and get something, but couldn't make it in and I just collapsed and started crying myself. The strangest thing of all was that throughout the whole dream I could see my cousin walking around as if nothing had happened to him, BUT so could everyone else! We all knew he was dead, even him, but he was still walking, talking, and doing normal living-people activities. Like breathing. I woke from this dream, immediately thought, "That was fucked up," and returned to my slumber.

The next dream I was in this building on this scavenger hunt/race to the safe type thing. A few people I grew up with were in the dream and the building the dream took place in I had dreamed of before. There is some really strange shit going on in my head, apparently. Anyway, I didn't win the race to the safe, the key I had found didn't fit in the final lock, don't ask this is just what happened. So the winner got this estate worth millions, but for coming in second I got this old horse stable which I thought was just as good. There was some mysterious fortune connected to it that only I knew about, so I was cool with it. Again, don't ask. But then after all that strange shit, my uncle unlocked another portion of the safe with a key that could only have been imagined by my insanity, and he pulled out a number of different envelopes. He handed me mine, I opened it and inside was an old floppy disk. Like the big ones that were used on the old Apple II's. I had no idea what it was at first and then all of the sudden it came to me. It was something that I was supposed to get as a kid, but it was mailed to the wrong address.

This is where it stopped, when I started to cry in my damn dream again for no reason. I don't remember any game that I was supposed to get as a kid, but never received it, and it sure as hell wasn't a computer game on an old floppy. After having those two dreams in a row, I didn't even want to go back to sleep. I didn't want to know how much more crazy things could have gotten. I thought about what kind of meanings they could have had, and the only connection to the real world I've gotten out of them was the crying bit. A few times I've been asked, "When was the last time you cried?" I've been thinking about it a lot, just because I have a horrible memory and it's bugging the crap out of me. That explains that part. The rest of it is just some jumbled up mess in my head that I can't figure out.

After getting up I tried to get it all out of my head before I made dinner for my mother. If you're wondering what I made it was quiche, asparagus and salad. It's what she wanted to have today. I had some help from the wee girls too. Everybody liked, so now they want me to cook more often. Next year I should just get her something she'll return or put in the closet like every other year.

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