Last Mention of Honda

I received a call at 8:40 am today, I was actually awake which is highly unusual for me, from a representative at EdVenture Partners, the facilitator that helped me with the Honda project this semester. She told me that my team was not one of the three selected to go to Torrance, CA next week.

I'm not really too upset about it. Yes, it would have been great to fly out there, but I would have to have spent the next week preparing for the presentation and getting my shit together for it. I just didn't feel up to doing all that. I was actually half hoping that it would turn out this way, because of that fact alone. This may come as a shock, but I am not a fan of lots of work. Yeah, crazy huh? If it was something that I really cared about, that would have been a totally different story, but after months of dealing with all the shit that came with this project I was tired of it. Completely burnt out.

So this is the last time I'm going to mention this thing. Unless you're a future employer of mine, in which case I was kidding about the "not a fan of lots of work" bit, you will never hear of this again. I for one, am glad.

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