Spring (Very Much Needed) Break

Thursday I had my big presentation for my class with the big-ass project. Luckily they liked everything we showed them. We have to make some changes here and there to appease the higher ups, but other than that we're good to go. Everyone said the presentation went much better than anyone could have expected, but I was still upset with how I presented. I was flat and didn't add any excitement to what I was showing. That was the biggest thing that I needed to do and I blew it. I should have spent more time practicing the night before since most of the time I was speaking I was concentrating on what I was going to say next on the spot. I'm pissed off at myself for not preparing better. The same goes for all of my midterms too. I should have studied much more, but I kept thinking about the presentation all week.
Anyway, today was my first day of Spring Break and I woke up at 9 am. I have nothing to do today and I couldn't stay in bed any longer than that. I can't figure out what's going on with me. I got out by the pool to start on my tan for the summer on this partly-sunny day. I was out there an hour and got about five minutes of actual sun. While I was out there I began thinking about all of the free time I'll have this week. Then I realized I really have no free time at all. I've got to catch up on all of my classes and still stay on top of my big-ass project so I don't miss any important dates. I've also agreed to design a tattoo for a friend. I've never done that before, I've done logos and similar things like that, but nothing as permanent as a tattoo. If she doesn't like the design she doesn't have to use it, but I don't like to disappoint when it comes to art.
I should probably mention that I was able to get a story published in the college's newspaper about the project. I didn't write any of it, but I was given a writer's credit on it. And my personal phone number and email address were also printed along with it. I would be much more livid about this if it weren't for the fact that no one ever reads the paper. I got off lucky there.

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