Nearing the End

I've been extremely busy these past few weeks, including the week of Thanksgiving, finishing up papers and projects and now this week I've got finals. The stress of it all got to me a few weeks ago and I ended up pretty crapy in regards to my health. I only made it to classes that I absolutely had to attend and then slept as much as I could while working on those aforementioned assignments.
Out of 6, or so, papers/projects I had this semester only one of them was purely individual work. That meant working in the dreaded groups again. This time around though, I didn't take any shit from anyone. If someone started slacking off, I told them directly that either they started working or they were out. Only one person actually started working, so I fired a few people. For the most part, the people I fired didn't seem to be doing so well in the class, so getting no grade on the particular group assignment was probably not a big deal to them anyway. I never saw those people in class either, even though it was after the drop date.
I'm all signed up for next semester, just have to pull the money together to pay for it now. I'm signed up for 18 hours, but looking at the workload I may face it will probably drop to 15. I just have to check on how many hours I have left and the availability of the classes I need/want to take. Just another year and I'll be all done. I thought about graduate school, but if I do it, it will be many years down the road and part time while I work. That's another thing I have to start working on, a job. Anyone know of positions for a marketing major with a minor in communications and no experience?
The reason I decided to post was because I heard that Richard Pryor died, and I wanted to write something about him. I thought about it a bit but couldn't come up with anything unique. He was a genius, an amazingly funny person, and loved to push the envelope. Too bad he did "Superman II".

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