I'm the Dude. So That's What You Call Me. Or His Dudeness, Duder, Or El Duder-i-no If You're Not Into the Whole Brevity Thing

So I spent all day at school, and around the time I was prepared to drive home the sky opened up and decided to dump a shitload of rain on us. I was up on the top floor so the wind and rain pounding the windows sounded a lot like a train passing by. I waited around the building for awhile for it to die down since I forgot to, actually since the forecast said the chance of rain was 40% it seemed highly unnecessary, grab an umbrella and refused to buy one. I was looking around for a janitor so I could grab a trash bag and use it as a make-shift poncho, but that didn't work. The wind died down around 5:30 so I decided to walk out to my car along the puddle filled sidewalks, and of course I was wearing my trusty flip flops. Made it to the car and dried off from the unwanted second shower of the day and then spent the next hour and a half in traffic.
Luckily the rug was waiting for me when I got home. It really ties the room together. Had a handful of trick-or-treaters stop by, so I spent a good part of my night watching TV and the worst sequel ever made, Jason X. Holy shit that was awful.

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