The Greatest Norwegian Band Since... Uh... That... Last One

While I was supposed to be working on this presentation I have tomorrow I came across this link. It was a picture of someone pointing at a giant peach, but the peach looked more like a giant peach colored ass. I thought to myself, "Hmm, interesting." I did not know what it was but thought it was something that I'd be interested in. No, I'm not a peach pervert. I just like odd things.
So I clicked the link and entered the world of Hurra Torpedo, a popular Norwegian band. Hurra Torpedo consists of a vocalist/guitarist/bassist and two guys that bang on appliances. They've got a niche thing going. One important piece of info about the band; one of them looks like a giant, bearded gnome. Very important.
The site is documenting their first tour of the USA. They've been in the states for a few weeks and they've played at a birthday party and a frat house gig. Got to start somewhere I guess. I'll be checking in often to see when they had to my neck of the woods. If nothing else, being able to see them would be something to tell the grandkids. Or random people as they walk by me as I beg for change posing as a panhandler when in reality I'd just be homeless.
In all seriousness, this seems more like a mock-rockumentary than anything else. This would best be classified as the next Spinal Tap without the movie and in short segments lasting over a period of months. Or it could be an elaborate advertising scheme to sell a Ford Fusion. They're having a contest on the site to give away the car they're touring in, which just happens to be a very shiny Ford Fusion. I remember when Halo 2 was coming out for the XBox that there was this over elaborate online promotion that lasted for months leading up to the release. Could be the same kind of thing. Don't know.
I've got to give them credit though. It's funny. Nothing quite like three goofy Norwegians going around America trying to fit in. Speaking English with their funny accents and smashing the hell out of kitchen appliances. And the great bearded gnome. If you've got some time and aren't at work where you'd most likely get in trouble for wasting company time, I'd suggest going to the link I provided above and poke around for awhile.

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Danny said...

Leelee Sobieski is in that video. Man she's pretty.