My Strange Week

Obviously, if you've been keeping up with your required Krap reading you know that this past week was all about hurricanes. BUT, since I didn't actually witness any of said hurricane the week was really just one big boring vacation. I haven't had a single class to attend since last Tuesday and I don't have one again until Thursday.
I had no where to go since all the stores pretty much shut down last Thursday afternoon and stayed that way pretty much until Monday. Most of the stores that were open did so just to supply much needed food and liquids to those who went through their stockpile too quickly or didn't get it in time before the closings. Not a whole lot was left from what I saw on the news and heard from those unfortunate enough to have to go out there. To top it all off, the roads were still a mess. People trying to get home, trying to retrieve their cars after abandoning them on the side of the road after running out of gas, and just people trying to get more gas were, and still are I think, causing all kinds of traffic problems. Needless to say, I've been sitting in my house for a week now.
I'm sure you're wondering what I accomplished on this week of isolation. I can sum it up in four words: Not a goddamn thing! There were plenty of things I could have done, but NO I procrastinated like always. I could have caught up on the many chapters of textbooks that I have yet to read since the beginning of the semester, finished up some of the homework that I have due in a week, worked on writing up that other blog I keep talking about, finished some more drawings for Danny-boy, practiced playing my guitar that I haven't touched in months because I've been so busy, or read any of the dozen or so other books that I have piled on my bedside table. But I didn't. Instead, I wasted most of my time on the internets and you bet your sweet ass I'm going to list some of the highlights right now!
The Kingdom of Loathing - This is an online RPG (role-playing game for those not down with the lingo) that is ridiculously funny. In this world you can choose to be one of six types of characters; a pastamancer, a sauceror, a seal clubber, a turtle tamer, a disco bandit, or an accordion thief. The currency is meat and the point of the game is to... Hmm... I honestly don't remember the point of it anymore. I always get sucked up into these types of games though, so I'm not too surprised by that. I'm just trying to make my pastamancer the best pastamancer he can be. Oh, and thanks to BlogShares - I don't remember how I stumbled onto this, but it had something to do with realizing that I could buy fake stock in my own blog. Then it got out of control and I'm just buying stocks to blogs for no reason. Like Dan Sutter Online, as it's listed. The more people link to your blog, the more it's worth. So mine isn't worth a whole lot.
GrowCube - This was a new addition to the EyeMaze link I have. It's a bit of a puzzle, but didn't actually last me too long. If you want the answer to this or GrowRPG, I'll give them to you. For a price.
Thinking Machine 4 - I actually just found this last night and only played one game. It's chess against a "thinking machine". It's a mystery as to how they came up with the title for the site. The images are what got me into it. All the pretty colors. Here's a description of the game so you get what I'm talking about.
Think Geek - Just a bunch of stuff for geeks. I made a wishlist of stuff and the total was over $1,000. I guess I'm a geek. With no money, hence the wishlist and not the "check out the cool shit I just bought" list. I spent a lot of time just going through it all. This was quite possibly the biggest waste of my time all week. I can't be certain of that though.
Diary of a Co-Worker - I finally got a copy of it last week and since then I've watched it three times. Not to see me, I'm not that narcissist, but because the lead, Mort Burke, was funny as hell. I'm not alone in saying this either. Keegan even liked it. Now not all of the acting was great. There were a few people that downright blew and all I can say is, everyone who was in it volunteered their services so you take what you can get. I'm working on making a copy for family in St. Louis and up in the northeast. I don't want to make too many copies because I'd like to see the director recoup the $4,100 budget and any other expenses in making the DVD. He's a good guy and deserves it.
Other than these items that helped pass the time I watched a lot of television, mostly to see what was going on in the weather, but there were a few movies thrown in there too. I guess television could be the biggest waste of a person's time... Dunno. I guess I'm going to spend my last day of "vacation" doing everything for school that I could have done bit by bit over the course of the past week. Damn, I wish I was more of a type A guy. Not a hardcore type A that will die of a heart attack at 43, but just enough to have some kind of initiative to get to work when it's not the day before a deadline. Curse my laidback attitude.


Abbbey said...

I'm glad everyone is ok. I like the cape. Can you just wear that everyday with or without the winds??

Kosmo said...

i would, but i sleep with it and i don't want it getting all dirty. it's pretty long.