To The Glue Factory!!

Last night I went back to the track, as I was invited back to watch my "virtual" horse. Long story short, I didn't win the $1,000 and my horse finished 7th out of 9. I should have known the night was off when I went to the "Will Call" desk and someone had already checked in using my name. I don't know how they could have done that. It's not like the list wasn't sitting on the desk in plain view for anyone to read and the attendant wasn't looking at ID... Did you catch the sarcasm there? After a little confusion, on the part of the attendant, we got in since I had the proper identification and my dad and I were both much bigger than the attendant. Not that we were using that to our advantage, sometimes we just don't have to mention it.
The suite was cramped with 12 or 14 people in it, 2 of which should not have been there and I think I figured out who they were, but I wasn't going to call them out on it since I got in. It was a cash bar, something that the event organizer had forgot to mention, and the food wasn't all that great. The had some fried chicken and shrimp and some egg rolls sitting in some warming plates. I'm not a big shrimp eater, and I wasn't sure how long it had been sitting there so I avoided it like the plague. It wasn't until the big race was over that I actually ate much of anything. That didn't come until about 10:30 pm or so, and by that time I hadn't won much of anything and had gone through 3 beers. Mmm... beer. Total winnings for the night was around $11 for me, but I left with only $.02. Basically I lost $30. My dad was out $40 though, so if we were having a competition between the two of us I would have won. But I still lost so there's not much satisfaction in that.
So now all of my "make money without actually working" schemes have failed and it looks like it's time to get a job. Need to do it quick before classes start though. Get a week of training in before I'm only available for weekends. If only I could donate blood...

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bennok said...

Weak. I'd've probably not gone, but it's worth it to maybe get $1000.