Second Week of My Two Week Break

I was watching the news today and I couldn't believe that the President has more time off in his year than I do AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE A FUCKING JOB!!! How does that work? We're at war, he's the leader of an entire country and he can take off for five weeks at a time? Maybe I should change my major to political science so I can take long breaks for no apparent reason.
ANYWAY, back to my feeble excuse for a vacation. Last week I spent a lot of time doing menial tasks around the house, mostly involving cleaning my room. I've got a lot of crap and there was much that needed to be tossed out. The amount of dog hair in my room could have made wigs for 3 dogs suffering from canine pattern baldness. I tried to organize things as best as I could while trying to remember where I put everything. My memory is crap and I already lost something because I can't remember where I put it. I finally have a trash can too, so now I have a place to throw all those unwanted papers. If I'm writing about obtaining a trash can you can probably tell I haven't been up to much.
I HAVE made some headway on the two projects I've been mentioning. They aren't near completion, but there has definitely been some progress. I spent a lot of time last week watching Home Movies Season 1, but this week I've got nothing to distract me other than my own thoughts. Which are actually quite distracting. I'm hoping to have them both completed, or at least those drawings done by Sunday so I can have it out of the way before I have start reading piles of textbooks again. The job hunt is still... well I haven't started that yet. It should be easier now though since those kids that leave to go to college are now gone and those more annoying high school kids are back in school. I really need to stop writing about it and just get a damn job. More as that develops.
In other news my brother was in a car accident. Nobody was hurt, but his rear passenger door won't open any more. He hasn't posted anything about it, and I really don't know much other than the fact that it was all the other person's fault. Even the cops said so, so it's not like I'm just taking my brother's word for it. If he writes anything about it I'll link to it, but seeing as how he doesn't write much of anything to begin with I'm not going to hold my breath.
Other than the post about the horse race, not much has happened in the land of Kos. I'm not too worried about it though since I'm trying to relax before next Monday rolls around. I just wish all the mundane little things would stop getting in the way.

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