Viva La Revolution!

So this past weekend was one wild and crazy ride. I picked up the hat in the picture at Walmart for five bucks and a few people have told me that I've got a Castro/Che Guevara thing going, so I went with it. Not that I'm looking to be like those guys.
This weekend I also went to a friend's wedding and got to see all of my dear friends in one location. I've said it many times since that it was the best weekend I've had in a very long time. The bride was beautiful, the groom was groomy, (I don't really know him all that well, and I'm not quite sure what you say about a groom) and the whole experience just seemed to fly right by. It was also bittersweet because, I bet we all realized at some point during the weekend that this gathering of special people would not happen again until another of us was married or we devised some huge get together. I'm not going to bet on the get together though, because of all of our schedules and empty pockets. Not to mention that a few are moving to opposite ends of the country and one is spending a year in Japan. It's great that everyone is moving on in their lives and moving closer to their goals. I just wish it wasn't so far away from me.
Sunday night as I was working on some work for class I was hit with this wave of depression. That weekend was something that I had been looking forward to for almost a year, since I first heard of the engagement. It was nice to have something to have on the calendar that wasn't a doctor appointment or due dates. I've got nothing but those planned for the foreseeable future and it's just got me really down. I guess I can put graduation from UHD on there, but that's still over a year away and the work I know I have to put into getting there is something I'm not looking forward to.
At least next month won't be such a burden on me as far as classes go, and I can work on some other projects I've been meaning to start and some I've meant to finish but haven't had the time to. Turns out there was an error on the advisor's part that helped me with my summer schedule and one of the classes I had signed up for in July I'm unable to take. Turns out I couldn't be currently enrolled with the pre-req class as the advisor had told me. And even though it was their fault they still wouldn't let me do it. So that's just another thing I have to add to the "to do" list for school. And I'm planning on adding a Minor in Communications to go with my Marketing Degree, so that's three more classes. Not too bad, which is why I've decided to do it. Maybe with the extra time I'll have I can finally squeeze in a job... Then at least I can afford to visit some people so it won't be another year before I see them again. That'd be nice. Emails and phone calls are good and all, but nothing beats face time.
Oh yeah, and I'm in a few more groups that suck ass! I hate being the only intelligent one on a team. At least the instructors are allowing us to hand in evaluations of the team members. My only concern is that I'm the only one that sees there is a problem and all the evaluations will be similar with the exception of mine which will rip everyone else apart. We'll have to wait and see. Posted by Hello

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Danny said...

I know what you mean about that depression thing.
Whenever I get a car and a job, you and I should meet at the grand canyon.