Summer School

So my first week of summer classes has just about rolled around and I'm completely regretting taking 18 hours. So much reading and right off the bat I had some group project to do, and that's for an online class. I'm glad that this load only lasts till the end of June because I just don't think I could take this much for 9 weeks. I'm reading about 3 chapters (1 in 3 different books) a day and trying to get other little assignments out of the way while keeping my sanity. I had to pass up a chance to go to the Astros/Cards game tonight because of the homework I needed to catch up on. And the seats were really damn good too!
This weekend I have to try and get ahead in the reading so I can go out of town next weekend without too many worries or too much to catch up on. 18 hours during a standard length semester is a snap compared to this. 3 months worth of knowledge compressed into a month makes my head hurt. And I've only been doing it for 5 days!

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