One More Down

So next week is the end of the semester. Seems like it's taken for ever. Unfortunately I've got to get right back into school May 31. I only get a few weeks of calm before I get slammed with another salvo of academic napalm. I just got a desk today, so at least now I don't have to do my homework at the kitchen table with people jabberin' and televisions blaring all around me. The only blaring will be coming from my stereo as I play Bach or Rachmaninoff to set me in the mood for knowledge. Who the hell am I kidding? I don't even know if I spelled Rachmaninoff right, or if he's even a composer. Sounds like he'd be one, or a Russian car.
Now that classes are nearly finished for spring I can get back to those projects I've been meaning to complete for so long; planting a victory garden, taking a pottery class, getting that logo done for Dan, get a job. I also need to write a bio of myself for some cast/crew DVD extra thing for the film I did at the Tivoli (look back a week or two and you'll find the flyer posted). There's going to be another screening May 11, but it's for cast and crew only so I don't think any of you would care about that since you can't get in. I was hoping to make it to St. Louis for that, but I've got a final that day and I'm going to a wedding June 11 in Columbia and don't have the cash to do two trips. (I don't have ANY cash, but my folks are flying me up as a birthday gift for the wedding. It'd be nice if I could go up for a week, but DAMN THESE CLASSES! (reference to The Jerk for those who didn't catch it.))
I'm going to steal an age-old gimmick to get people to do things for me now:

HEY! Do you like T-Shirts? Do you like T-Shirts with crap written on it? Well how would you like to win a T-Shirt that says "Kosmo's Krap" with a picture of a guy who may, or may not, be me?!?! All you have to do is write a brief bio for me! Make it funny. Make it serious. Make it out of paper mache. Just include some interesting tidbits about Kosmo and I'll play it off as my own!
All submitted materials will be kept and there is no way in hell that I'm going to return it. By submitting the material to me, you not only are submitting the bio but also your very soul. That means I own you and all your stuff. If you don't like it, too bad! You should have read this tiny legal print before expecting a free T-Shirt for writing three sentences of crap! THAT'S RIGHT! CRAP!!

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