My Saturday

So Saturday afternoon my family and I went downtown to check out this Art Car Parade thing that they hold each year. It would have been alright if it didn't feel like it was 90-something degrees and humid. There were some interesting cars out there. Most of them were just old pieces of crap with a bunch of junk glued all over it. There were maybe 5 that were REALLY cool looking. Lots of fabrication went in to making a few, like one whose body was made of wood. There was one that was a dragon and was, I'd say, 50 feet long. But I'm not very good at estimations.
The highlight of the day was seeing this:

We were walking along downtown and then saw Dave Attell's tour bus go by. I tried to catch up to it but I can't outrun a bus. We did catch up to it after it had parked outside the hotel he was staying at. I asked a guy unloading some luggage if anyone was on the bus, but alas they were all up in there rooms by that time. So I did the next best thing, took a picture of me standing by his giant head. I did go into the lobby on the off chance that he was milling about down there, but that didn't work out.Posted by Hello


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and play halo

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