Trans Formers

I was checking out this website I like to look at every once in awhile pertaining to video games and a comic strip when I found this link. It's a music video for some techno that is based on the old theme song from Trans Formers. It stars Soundwave, the giant Decepticon boombox, and a tape that shoots out of his chest. If you don't remember him you will once you start watching it and remember the old show. It takes a long ass time to load so be patient and make yourself a sandwich to eat while watching it.

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Danny said...

Damnit! I just MADE a sandwich. And then I ate it. I could make another one, but I don't want to open a new thing of bread (why not? I don't know, I'm lazy as hell).
I wish I had read this post ten minutes ago so I could've been loading the video. I gotta wait until I need another sandwich to see this video, but I'm sure it's great.