The New Rush

During one of my late nights of boredom I was sitting on my couch watching MTV and this weird looking band came on. Weird as in an AV-room-kind-of-way from high school. I check out the little description in the corner and their name is Coheed & Cambria. If anybody knows what this means I'd like to know. The song was called "A Favor House Atlantic," again explanation would be appreciated. They start playing and it's just another Emo band. Then the singer, a slightly overweight Iranian-looking guy with long stringy hair, opens his mouth. At this point I laid my head back and stared at the ceiling pondering what made the bobble-head doll craze what it became when the voice I heard sounded was Geddy Lee's. This voice is not easily copied so I quickly looked back at the screen to see if MTV came to their senses and started playing a Rush video instead. Nope, same band and same weird looking singer. Being the curious little monkey that I am I looked them up and found that not only does the lead singer sound like Lee but they have a song entitled "2113". Obviously the similarity in the voices wasn't missed on the band. I've listened to a few of their songs, it's not bad but not exactly Rush. Check 'em out if you wish (click post title). I was just bored and thought this would be a good post topic.

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Anonymous said...

You're the second person that said I should maybe check them out. The rush comparison has me curious.
The singer looks Iranian but is Mexican.