An Ad Flaw

I caught a Match.com commercial while wasting time and working on my love handles in which a woman was explaining her reasons for using their service. She begins by stating her embarrassment for using it to meet people and not wanting her friends to find out. That's understandable. Friends would probably try to set you up with a friend, or had already, and that can be a little weird if things don't go well. "How was the date with Phil? I've known him for years and he's like a brother to me." "Oh, it was okay. By the way, did you know he was a Nazi?" Awkwardness all around.

The next reason she gave for using Match.com was because she didn't have the time to date. I'm going to let that sink in for a minute. She didn't have time to date.

Then how the hell does she expect to meet that "special someone" if she doesn't have time for that? Sorry to break it to you, but dating is something that takes a LOT of time. You can't just have a computer say "This guy's perfect for you," and then expect marriage, 2.7 kids, a dog/cat, and happily ever after. If it were that easy, Match.com would be making billions a year.

I believe what would be perfect for her, is a fish. They aren't time intensive, they're always there when you get home, and if you get into a fight with it you could have a nice dinner and get a new one for $5. Maybe Match.com is really a service for ASPCA...

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