Why Do I Think the Things I Think?

I just happened to walk by the TV as it was tuned to CNN and I had this strange thought pass through my mind. I watched David Gergen and Anderson Cooper over numerous hours as they discussed the impending election and not once did I think this until tonight. Before I reveal this thought to you all, I want you to look at both men.

Here is David Gergen:

Here is Anderson Cooper:

Do you see it? Take the time to look at both of their faces closely if you didn't catch it.

Go on.

I'm sure you've seen it by now. I'm surprised that I never saw it before. David Gergen looks like Anderson Cooper's head was put in a microwave for a minute or two. That didn't happen though, of course. David Gergen is actually Anderson Cooper 25 years from now. He traveled back in time and the unfortunate side-effect of the time-travel process was a slight facial reshaping. His goal was to assist his past self in becoming a better journalist by teaching him all he learned in 25 years. Cooper's/Gergen's ego to improve his journalistic style has just destroyed the fabric of the space/time continuum. He's doomed us all.

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