What Would I Name a Religion That Revolved Around Me?

Kosmology, of course! It would be a horrible religion, though. I won't lie. If Scientology seems like a thinly veiled attempt to suck millions of dollars out of dim-witted Hollywood socialites, Kosmology would look like a cheap buffet-style restaurant that would most likely not have a sneeze guard.

Now for the real reason of this post; some additions I made to the site.

First, I added a new link called Daily Routines. It chronicles the daily routines (How did they ever come up with that site name?) of many well-knowns across various fields. The information is taken from interviews and biographies of the individuals since some of them are deceased. It's interesting to see how some were incredibly dedicated to their work, while others seemed to sleep or drink a lot. They help you out by simplifying a lot of the searches with categories. Fantastic stuff.

I also started using Twitter. For the uninitiated, it's a way for people to keep others updated on a lot of their daily activities and thoughts. It's really a stalkers wet dream. So for all of my stalkers, I added a little attachment to the right that displays my most recent posting.

Next I... I have no idea what else is different on here. To be honest, there was a good period of time (months, maybe years) where my sleep patterns were so screwed up that when I was conscious, I felt like a zombie deprived of sleep. It was pretty bad. I would fall asleep at strange times and I tried to combat this with high doses of caffeine that left me jittery and paranoid. Looking back over that time period, I'm not sure what was reality and what was a dream. I have memories of several encounters with homeless people and one hobo village. I murdered and ate them all. I'm pretty sure that was a dream, although I haven't had any homeless folks ask for change. They actually run away when they see me. Hmmm...

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