I Have an Ego This Big...

I was flipping around the boobtube tonight and came across Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes wearing, what I thought was, a rubber mask, but he's just looking worse for the wear. I didn't watch much, because he makes me sleepy, but he said something that struck a chord. He said that writers do what they do because their egos are inflated and their opinions are all that matter. I wonder if he was watching Fox News when he thought of this?

It certainly made me question my own motives. Am I so insecure with myself that I use this blog to promote my own self worth? Why, yes I am. If it weren't for this blog that I stared so many years ago, I may have become little more than a sniveling husk, cowering in my closet afraid to meet the light of day with my eyes. And oh, Lord, the smell.

I think I made the right choice.

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