Fair and Balanced My Ass

I was flipping around the channels and stopped on a documentary about Barak Obama. It was highlighting portions of his book, "Dreams of my Father." It chose very specific portions though, because it was produced by the Fox New Network.

During the first ten minutes the focus was on Obama's religious denomination as Muslim on a few of his school records. The documentary then moved on to his high school years, playing basketball, and then experimental drug use because of the crowd he was with.

It's interesting how it was referred to as a "documentary" and the aim of the narrative was to discredit whatever small inconsistencies they could find. They played up his connections with friends that he had made over the years from the Middle East and continued to try to apply the "Muslim" label as often as possible.

I think what bothers me the most about this, is that people take all of the reporting on Fox News as unbiased and complete fact. I have a feeling that the same people look at the National Enquirer in the supermarket and leaf through it to find where Elvis is this week, or the latest human impregnated by aliens. I was watching TV with my brother and he wanted to see a little bit of "My Big Redneck Wedding." Part of me is wondering who watches this on a regular basis, and the other can't believe that any of these people are allowed to have children, or operate heavy machinery like a car.

Their vote counts just the same as mine, too.

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Anonymous said...

Biography channel had a satisfactory account of each. Not sure how they managed to keep Biden's limited to 30 minutes, but since there wasn;t enough for an hour long breakdown of Palin's career, they had to be fair.