Not Really Feeling It Today

I got up this morning for an appointment, but decided to reschedule due to traffic issues that continue to plague the city. There are lots of street lights out or missing altogether and a little over one million people are without power still. I'm not going to subject myself to that mess this early. I'll save that for next week when I have to go back to class and can't reschedule. I decided not to write anything, but instead share some interesting links I've found. I haven't done this in a while.

Light Plays the Piano - A guy using a camera at night with a long exposure time animated this using some small, colored lights to create movement. It's short, but neat.

10 Overused Words in Writing - This makes me wonder if I'm guilty of these crimes. When I write I really try my best to sound as smart as I wish I was. It's very hard for me, because I like to think that you find me intelligent, and so I want live up to that expectation. So, there.

Hexiom Connect - Here's a little game to test your brain. Can you get all the pieces to connect with the proper colors to complete the pattern? I got up to level 39 before I got good and stuck.

Hulu - A site where you can watch a television show with just a short interruption every now and then for a commercial. I've found a number of SNL sketches that I laughed out loud at. It saved me from having to watch the rest of the unfunny parts. Which there are a lot of nowadays.

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