Duct Tape Saves Lives

It destroys Anthrax people!!!

I just taped up the windows in my room and closet. Two strips of duct tape crossing each other in an "X". It's not exactly impervious to breakage. Unless it takes a hit right at where the two pieces of tape crosses. That would be amazingly fortuitous. I don't know why I passed up just saying "lucky" there. I must be going through an urge to flex my vocabulary muscle. Juxtaposition.

I don't know why I have window in my closet. It's not special. I guess they just wanted to maintain the window allotment for the front of the house. Which sucks, because now if the windows get blown out, only my stuff will get wet. All of the other closets are windowless and safe. My sister has said she's going to hide in her's while the hurricane blows through. I just have my pillow fort and if my battles with my brother when I was a child are any indication as to the strength of pillow forts, I'm fucked.

Oh, it's windy by the way.

I also heard an interview with one of the idiots that chose to stay on Galveston island. His reasoning was this, "You can't outrun nature. It's going to catch up with you one way or another." I don't know about that. It seems it can't run west, so that would be one possibility for you.

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