Maybe Next Time

Thursday I received my postcard from the folks at ABC. It was a very simple form letter/postcard informing me that I wasn't chosen to participate in the contestant pool. They thanked me for my time though. At least my name and address was written in ink. My friend had told me the night before that she had gotten hers and was rejected as well.

We both blame it on the woman we interviewed with. She was sick with a cold and probably hated being there. I know that if I had to sit around and hear people talk about themselves for a few hours after a full day of work, I wouldn't be in to it. In the back of my mind I knew that when the lady in charge of the process said that there was a second part to the interview, that it was vital to take part in that to be considered for the show. When I left after just that first portion I was not very optimistic, but I wasn't giving up all hope since I wanted to believe that she was not a dirty, dirty liar pants on fire.

So, it looks like I won't be winning any big cash prizes on a game show any time soon. I did receive a notice in my email that I won $2.5 million in the Malaysia Lottery though! I just have to send them my bank account information. I can't believe my luck! Now I think I'll get in touch with that deposed ruler of Nigeria.

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