Kosmo's Millions... ?

A little over a week ago I was informed that a friend of mine received an email to audition to appear on an ABC game show that was once hosted by Regis Philbin. It's now been relegated to the time slots between soaps and Judge Judy. After hearing this news about my friend, I did a little investigating on ABC's website to see if I too could partake in this audition. I have a wealth of useless knowledge floating in my gray matter from generations of devoted knowledge seekers. I also tried once when it was a big deal and didn't get past the phone-in test. This time though, there was no test over the phone. I just filled in some quick little bits of info about myself and the next day recieved the same email as my friend. We're actually doing the auditions tomorrow, just an hour apart. The catch is that the auditions take place in New York City.

I seemed to have waited a bit too long in my decision on whether or not I should go though, because my plane ticket cost a shitload more than it would have if I'd not thought it over so much. DAMN!! At least I can split the cost of a hotel with my friend for one night. Saving some dough there. Taxis will be a bitch, but that's all just part of the investment in getting a few steps closer to becoming a contestant and making a fool of myself as I miss the first, and easiest, question.

I've been to New York once, about ten years ago. I was with my family on a trek from the Midwest to New England to visit family and stopped in the Big Apple for about 8 hours. It wasn't bad. Saw Times Square lit up at night, Rockefeller Center, a guy walking around with an albino boa constrictor wrapped around his neck like a scarf, and Battery Park. I was very tired from walking around and decided to rest in the car while the rest of my family walked over to see the tiny Statue of Liberty in the distance. This time, I have no idea what I'm going to see. I'll be there for just a little over 24 hours. I think it's supposed to rain too, so walking will be a bit of a pain in the ass. The hotel is close to Central Park. I might go trip a few joggers.

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