Today is the Day

Today the remains of Hunter S. Thompson are to be blasted from a cannon over his property in Colorado. The cannon is being supplied, or at least paid for, by Thompson's good friend Johnny Depp who portrayed him so well in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which was based on the book of the same name. It's supposed to be one helluva bash today, no mourning for the loss just celebrating the man. Since I can't make it there, and I wasn't invited (they obviously don't realize who I am), I'm going to spend some time today reading "Hell's Angel's" which I just recently picked up at a book store after filling out an application. I thought if it looked like I read books it might help my chances of getting a job there.
When I go I wouldn't mind having the same kind of thing. A bunch of friends remembering the life that was mine with plenty of liquor to bring out ALL of the stories. I'd be dead so there would be no reason to hide any of the truth from those who were close to me. But I would change one thing from what Thompson had planned and I've put some great thought into this; I would not be cremated before being shot out of the cannon. No sir. I would want to be shot naked out of it. My body would be set so it looked like I was flying through the air, arms out over my head, feet pointed and head titled back so it looked like I was paying attention to where I was going. Maybe a cape would look good too.
The only thing I need to work out is WHERE this cannon would be shooting my naked, flying corpse. I'm pretty sure I won't own a cabin with acres of land surrounding it like my man Hunter. I haven't really found my favorite place on this planet yet since I haven't done much traveling. I'm not in any hurry to get this figured out though. I've got plenty of years ahead of me. The only thing I need to really work on is becoming friends with Johnny Depp so he can build a big ass cannon to shoot me out of.


Anonymous said...

thats a hell of a funeral!

Danny said...

Man, when you die I'm making Weekend at Brenie's.
It's only one letter difference and I won't have to pay royalties.