Sitting in Class

So, I guess I should be paying attention to the teacher, but he's just reading out of the book. That is when he isn't mumbling on about topics that have nothing to do with the subject at hand and won't appear on any exam. In wasting my time during class I came across this article. Basically, a doctor told his patient that she should buy a gun and put herself out of her misery. That's her story. He said he put it in a different way, kinder tones and what not.
Here's a quote from the article: The notice released yesterday quotes Bennett as telling the woman, You need to lose weight. Let's face it if your husband were to die tomorrow who would want you. Well, men might want you but not the types that you want to want you. Might even be a black guy. It's not like he was lying, if this is what he said. This complaint was from 2004, but then because of the "black guy" comment it's back because of racial issues.
I wish more doctors would say crap like that to obese patients. I'm tired of having to sit between two obese people on an airplane. Some of the airlines make 'em buy an extra seat, but I think some of 'em are doing away with the practice because of tembarrassmentent caused by telling someone they are fat and they need to buy another seat accommodateate their other butt cheek. Maybe doctors could apply this "buy a gun and get it over with" approach for people who chain-smoke or drug addicts.
No point in any of this, I just have nothing better to do. Uh, I guess I could say that I got one of my projects done. Sort of. One of the drawings were finished and delivered. Now it's being slapped on everything from "on a bunch of shirts and bumper stickers and baby diapers." I bought a computer a week ago or so and I'm in the middle of transferring a bunch of files from the old one. The new computer doesn't have Office on it, and all the writing I've done on the new blog was with Office. I've had problems reformatting a document to a different program, so progress on that is halted until I can get Office for the new computer. I haven't named it yet. Don't know if I really need to do that, but why the hell not? Now I've also got a lot class work to deal with so time is being thinly divided amongst what needs to be done.
Well, class is almost over so I guess I'll stop here. Good use of class time. And my money...

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