Yeah, I don't know how to say that or what it means, but it's a damn funny webcomic. I found this one after, once again, goofing off while I should have been doing work. This comic has been up for a while too. There's a new comic everyday, I'm not sure if that just means weekdays or the weekend too, so there's quite a few to go through in the archives. I had gone through a couple dozen, maybe even a hundred, when I came across the 1,000th comic. So... Yeah, that's a lot.
There are a number of comics that are adult in nature so don't go showing the wee ones or anybody with a weak constitution 'cause they might vomit or start to cry. Lots of blood in some, lots of cartoony boobies, some swearin'... You get the idea. But dammit, I was laughing at almost everyone of them and if I wasn't laughing I was thinking, "God damn, that's fucked up!" And thinking about just how absurd or disturbing this guy(s) is that makes this made me laugh. The reason being is that in a world where we worry about why Paris Hilton is mad at Nicole Ritchie we don't give two shits about people that think up stuff like this. If you're not a slut or doing something stupid you're not worth the time to read about. But then again, if you think that way you're most likely not reading this.
I like this webcomic so much I added it to the right-side of your screen.

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