24 Years Ago...

...I was born at 7:13 am. Yep. Not going to do anything today. I'm skipping class, we never seem to do anything and he doesn't take attendance, and then I'm going to use that time to sleep. I've got some reading to do for class still so I'll probably do that. I might go out to dinner and finally see Batman Begins. I know, it's sacrilegious that a fan of the Dark Knight such as myself has put off seeing this film, but I just haven't had the time or money. I still don't have the money, but maybe some kind stranger will purchase a ticket for me if I show them my idea and prove to them that it's my birthday. How could anyone deny a guy like that? I mean come on, what kind of crappy scam would involve a guy pleading people to buy him a ticket to a movie because it's his birthday? It's not like I plan to take this scam to all the local theaters, where ever the hell they are, and trick people out of $7.50 just to sit in a noisy theater with sticky floors.
Well, those are some ideas at least. I might get around to doing one or two, but I doubt all of 'em. I'm just too damn lazy. I know I will have a drink and toast it to me. 'Cause I've got an ego to nurture. Happy birthday to me.

Little known fact; the guy that invented the Rubik's Cube, Cameron Crowe, FatBoy Slim, Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Didi Conn, and Cheech Marin also have birthday's today. Lucky them to share the same day with me.

So today I skipped class, but I slept like crap and ended up getting up at the same time as if I would have. Got a little reading done, not nearly what I should have, but it was something. Went out to eat at this Italian restaurant called Johnny Corino's, or something like that. Good food. I had an entree with lasagna, spaghetti and some heavily breaded chicken dish with mozzarella melted over it. It was damn good. I did NOT make it to the movie though. After all that food I was a bit full and tired. Picked up a snow cone on the way home though. I had Tiger Blood. (Hope PETA and all those animal rights groups don't shit a brick over that name) It's coconut-ty. I used to get the same flavor as a kid just because the name sounded cool, and I don't even like coconut. Now I'm at home getting ready to get some more reading done and then it's off to bed. Oh yeah! I can't believe I almost forgot this. Benn hooked me up with some Photoshop work of his. He took a photo of me and "Snatchified" it. He's done a few other photos like this. It's based on the introduction pictures of the characters from the film Snatch that show during the opening credits/scene. Pretty cool shit. Thanks again, Benn.


bennok said...

i also had a beer with you at like midnight or midnight:30.

I rule!

Kosmo said...

he does!