What Happened Here?

Let's just stick to electing a president according to exit polls. From what I was hearing on CNN and MSNBC Kerry was winning in the exit polls. WHAT HAPPENED!?! Were they asking the wrong people? Did people sneak around the pollsters somehow so they weren't getting a random selection?
Obviously we live in a society of bible-thumpers and they don't want to see any immoral activities (homosexuality) in their daily lives anymore. Maybe all the preaching and praying in the long lines at the polls scared away the youth and minority voters. I know when I was a young black man I found the God-fearing public a bit frightening. All the crosses and fat, white men bringing back bad imagery of the past.
I'm not trying to offend the religious population, I'm just worried that their "morals" are going to be cutting into a lot of my civil liberties and rights (see Patriot Act). Let's not forget the environment, economy, healthcare, education, and the even greater divide between the upper and lower classes as Bush continues his "tax breaks." That last sentence has nothing to do with being a man of faith, it's just more stuff I'm worried he's going to fuck up even more.
I've heard many news analysts saying that this split amongst the country will make the President try and unite the country this time around. Wasn't that his big campaign point the first time around? I think getting reelected is just going to show Bush that what he's doing is the right thing and he's going to be even more delusional now than he has been about the war in Iraq. Am I being pessimistic? I'm trying not to put my emotions into this and base it solely on what I've seen him do in the past. I was talking to someone today about how in thirty or fifty years Americans are going to look back at us and say, "What the fuck were they thinking?" Much like we say now about Ford for pardoning Nixon.

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