I was going to write about how Halloween was crap this year, but instead I found this and just thought this was ridiculous: (From IMDB.com)

60 Minutes To Air Simpson Snafu
It now turns out that a news team from CBS's 60 Minutes was shooting a feature about how NBC's Saturday Night Live is produced when the commotion over Ashlee Simpson's botched performance occurred. After Simpson's voice was heard singing the same song she had sung earlier in the show, Simpson danced for a few seconds, then ran offstage -- and into 60 Minutes' cameras, which recorded her reaction and show creator Lorne Michaels.' CBS said Thursday that reporter Lesley Stahl and the 60 Minutes cameras were also on hand during the dress rehearsal, when Simpson again ran off stage.

What kind of society do we live in where a 17 year old girl who can't sing and needs to use a machine assisted voice is worthy of a spot on 60 Minutes? The only reason she has a career in the first place is because her curvaceous older sister put her in the spotlight. And I realize that what I'm bitching about is exactly what I'm doing here with this post. I see the irony here.
And yes, I do think that getting mentioned here is as glamorous as being on air with Mike Wallace.

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