Had To Happen Sometime

As of 5:30pm on August 2, 2004 I have completed enough credits to obtain an Associate Arts degree from St. Louis Community College (a.k.a. Meramec). It only took me 5 years and 1 summer term to finish this 2 year program, but I did it. I haven't gotten that little piece of paper yet declaring my accomplishment, I'm not even sure if they give those out for A.A degrees, and I've got to try and get it before I leave for Houston or at least have it sent to the new address. The only problem with getting this done is that now I have to declare a major at UHD and I don't have a clue what that is going to be.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brendan...

Nice work.. I went to college.. you win, though.

my hat is tipped, good sir.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah Kosmo! Way to go.

It will probably take me 11 years to finish my 4 year degree. We'll see.

And if I were you, I'd major in animals, with an emphasis in the platipus.


Ben said...

Concentration in platypuses?????

check it out.. i just wrote a poem about them...

"Platypus" by Ben(n) (and uncle mike)

Ornithorhynchus anatinus - platypus

Sleeping geology
On the isolated shore
For millions of years

Experimental continent
On purpose or accident?

Mysterious evolving
Problem solving

A vaudeville? A nation including one superior creation
A vertebra? Inverted...quite unheard of...

Orphan in a family
And a sole survivor
He's a living fossil

Reptillian? Mammalian
He's a bird-beaked, beaver-butt Australian

Amphibious? Paradox wearing plaid socks
Furry beetle? A bugbear, and a palezoologist's nightmare
Symmetrical physique of disbelief

The platypus has the brain of a dolphin
and can be seen driving a forklift in his habitat of kelp
He is the larva of the flatworm
and has the ability to regenerate after injury

No relation to the flounder.

Someone shipped him to the blokes
Who said he was a hoax
So they cut him to pieces, wrote a thesis

A cranium of deceit, he's prone to lie and cheat;
It's no wonder -- a blunder from down under

Duckbill, watermole, duckmole!


bennok said...

Nice Ben(n) (and uncle mike)!

I wonder I can actually post as me now.

Kosmo said...

had to happen sometime.